gapvax hv55-56 hydrovac trucks


Worlds Most Advanced Industrial Vacuum Truck

The HV55-56 hydrovac units are the do-it-all truck for every job. Our wet-dry, cyclone based filtration system allows you to vacuum both wet and dry materials, and our hydro excavtion system  bring the power of water to the power of air moving.

GapVax Filtration System

Our vacuum trucks are renowned for their highly efficient filtration, low baghouse maintenance cost, and long filter-bag service life. With single mode filtration on our truck there is no need to switch from dry vac to wet vac. No truck on the market filters dry material as efficiently as a GapVax. The combined function of top loading, the baffle plate, long debris tank, and the cyclones prove unmatched filtration performance.

Options to Make it Custom

We allow the customer to fully customize the truck to their need and specifications. Water pumps ranging from 2000psi to 4000psi and able to have boilers, vacuum pumps up to 5600cfm, heated tool boxes, plus much more.