Gapvax hv57 industrial vacuum unit


Superior Filtration System

GapVax vacuum trucks are renowned for their highly efficient filtration, low bag house maintenance cost, and long filter bag service life. With proper service, a GapVax unit can normally operate 1,500 to 2,000 hours before requiring a change of filter bags. Since filtration/blower maintenance is the single greatest expense of a wet-dry vacuum truck, superior filtration immediately lowers operating cost. Another benefit of the GapVax filtration system is more efficient loading and lower fuel consumption cost because clogged filter bags slow down loading and can cause excessive fuel consumption. Lastly, GapVax filtration is single mode, meaning there is no changeover required to go from wet mode to dry mode.

Simply put, the best filtration is the filtration that reduces dry carryover into the baghouse ( and completely eliminates wet carryover). On a GapVax, many design elements work together to achieve this result. The whole truck was designed from the ground up to minimize carryover into the baghouse. 

No truck on the market today filter dry material as efficiently as a GapVax. The combined function of top loading, the baffle plate, the long tank, and cyclones prove unmatched filtration performance. Our proven design originated in power plant service vacuuming fly ash. Today, the GapVax provides excellent service in the widest operational envelope for wet and dry applications, while keeping filter and blower maintenance cost to a minimum. 

HV57 Industrial Vacuum Truck Video