Gapvax - mc units


Custom Built to Customer's Needs

The GapVax MC Series unit, Combination JetVac, is a wet-only  machine, equipped with a unitized water and debris tank and double sub-frame. Heavy-duty double acting single-lift cylinder provides a 50 degree dump angle. The MC series is also equipped with a 8' front mounted, telescopic boom with dual lift cylinders, reaching 26' with a 180 degree rotation. With a wide variety of sizes available, this is an ideal candidate for any size municipality, water and sewer district, or contractor who is cleaning storm drains, catch basins and/or sewers.

Single Engine - Simple Operation

GapVax offers a single engine unit on either a single-axle or a double axle chassis. The smaller Combo unit gives you the choice of a 4-8 cubic yard debris body and a water tank capacity of 500-1,200 gallons. The double-axle MC allows for a 8-13 cubic yard debris tank and water tank of up to 2,000 gallons. Our custom built units allow for various configurations to make for happy customers.